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goat cheese sandwiches

Graham and I have been snacking and meal-ing on these little sandwiches quite a bit lately. They are absolutely perfect for summertime and you can mix and match your Matzo toppings based on what vegetables you have on hand (or are growing in your garden). I’ve found the trio of goat cheese, beautifully ripened tomatoes and crisp yellow peppers to be spot on time and time again.

We’ve eaten these sandwiches in the morning, afternoon and even prepared them for a midnight snack on occasion. They are an anytime of day pick me up and filler up. Each sandwich is topped with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, ground pepper and fresh cut parsley.

Here, take a closer look:

So if you’re needing some snacking inspiration these days, or another lunch idea to add to your list, give this a try and pick up some goat cheese… Continue reading

banana ice cream

So it’s been hot lately. Least in these neck of the woods. And to say its been hot is an understatement. Sweltering is more like it. And what goes better (than perhaps a dip in a pool) with 95° heat, than a dip or two, or three of deliciously cold ice cream? Nonfat is even better. All fruit, the best. So I thought I’d share this little recipe with you, since it is quite easy and consists of, well, one ingredient: bananas.

My friend Maki, owner of Cupcakes Gourmet, baker, chef and homemaker extraordinaire introduced me to this frozen treat about a month ago. She made it along with mango and strawberry ice cream, too. Each was equally scrumptious and it was hard to believe that they were simply fruit, frozen and pureed. One could argue that these frozen, blended fruits taste more like sorbet than ice cream, but… Continue reading

spring rolls

Summer is upon us. The absolute perfect season for spring rolls. For refreshing, cool and crisp, light yet filling, mighty fine and tasty, spring rolls. Good friends of ours had us for dinner last month and served us these exact spring rolls. Well… as exact as I could replicate. They also served us the most lovely elderflower martini’s. Talk about the perfect dinner. And fancy, too. We call these friends, Charlie and Olivia, our fancy friends, for they always serve up a top notch meal with an added flare of elegance that neither Graham nor I get on a regular basis. (I’m a nanny; need I say more?) It’s always a fun affair to share a meal in good company, and even more fun when spring rolls and elderflower martini’s are on the menu!

This was my first attempt at making spring rolls, and both Graham and I were beyond… Continue reading

blueberry corn cakes

Pancakes for dinner anyone? In our house, when the refrigerator is empty and the pantry is bare, which happens more often than I’d like to admit, the night can usually be saved (along with our grumbling tummies) if we have but one ingredient- eggs. I always have flour, and the other staples required to whip up a batch of pancakes, but without eggs, well pancakes are a bit difficult to make… Okay, so now I’m remembering a vegan version I made once, but I guess what I’m saying is, I prefer eggs in my cakes. Eggs and real maple syrup.

Now on this particular evening, I had the eggs but had no syrup. I considered my two options… 1) I could make the pancakes without the syrup. Bleh! 2) I could make the pancakes along with the recipe I saw earlier in the week for homemade syrup (and if you’re… Continue reading

white bean and broccoli salad

I was craving something crunchy, lemony, and bean-y for lunch. This delicious salad is what I came up with. And I’m pleased to say it turned out well. So well that it may indeed be my go-to pasta salad, if ever asked to make one for, say, a cookout or costume party. I was just telling a friend the other day that I’d never made pasta salad before (crazy, right?!) and was pretty sure there had to be a good reason.

After much thought and deliberation, I realised it had to do with the usual suspects, or the common ingredients, one finds in a typical party pasta salad: Ahem… numero uno) tri-coloured rotini, dos) glugs of Italian salad dressing, tres) cubes of red meat or white cheese and quatro) some straggling veggies from the bottom crisper drawer. Now, please let me say that there is nothing at all wrong, no… Continue reading

snickerdoodle blondies

I went to a bbq yesterday and needed to come with dessert in hand. I had no chocolate in the house, so naturally, I panicked. But then I remembered a recipe I came across a while ago on the interwebs. One filled with lots of butter (two sticks to be exact), sugar, cinnamon and guaranteed to make my house smell divine. I had all the ingredients on hand, so relieved and armed in apron, I set to making this bbq treat.

Let me say that this dessert is not to be consumed by those counting calories. With two sticks of butter (and ample amounts of brown sugar) for the entire pan, I won’t say how much butter and sugar is in each tiny serving, but lets just say, enough. The perfect amount of enough. So perfect that you really only need one to be satisfied if you’re craving something sweet.… Continue reading

morning oats

Okay, so it’s afternoon now. But I had these oats this morning and pretty much have these oats every morning. I was on a steel-cut oats kick for the longest time- with candied ginger and a splash of half and half (or heavy cream if you don’t mind the extra calories). I’ve experimented quite a bit with steel-cut oats. I’ve tried a spiced chai version (with all the spices you’d find in chai tea), apples and cinnamon, plain with raisins, baked in a casserole, soaked overnight, the aforementioned ginger delight and I’m sure a handful more… but I’ve moved onto old-fashioned for now. I suppose I am an old-fashioned kind of gal. And this post is about old-fashioned oats, so lets talk about those oats from yesteryear.

For the longest time, I made my old-fashioned oats on the stove-top. I still do, but lately I’ve been on a microwave kick.… Continue reading