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oven crespella with nutella sauce

If you are looking to make a special breakfast for a very special someone (or your very special self), let me introduce you to the crespella. It’s easy to make and you’ve likely got all the ingredients on hand (except, perhaps the Nutella). It’s kind of like a science experiment in that it puffs up while baking and resembles a giant sombrero. But most importantly, it tastes out of this world amazing.

Buttery and custardy, it’s almost like a crepe on crack. And if you make the Nutellla sauce to top, you might as well call in sick and cancel your afternoon plans. This breakfast, lunch or dinner (it can definitely pass for all three) is an occasion and one not to be taken lightly. Oh, and lets state the obvious, this crespella is in fact dessert, like a gourmet funnel cake even the queen would eat, but I prefer… Continue reading

chicken kabobs with tomato, cucumber and feta salad

Now that summer is in full swing, Graham and I have taken to grilling out quite a bit. It helps that we have a patio to grill on. Graham started digging a very large hole (a twelve-by-twenty-three-foot hole) last summer, and because of all the rain we got towards the end of the summer and into fall, we had to postpone working on the patio until this past spring. But the good news is, the hole got filled and stones were laid! And now we have a lovely patio to dine alfresco.

We’ve yet to come across any furniture for the space, so in the meanwhile we pull out a little wooden table from our basement and pair it with two plastic green lawn chairs. Fancy, I know. But at least we have some nice ambiance overhead- a string of paper lanterns. They’re fun and pretty, battery-operated and came with… Continue reading

avocado, tomato and egg sandwich

This ain’t yer typical Egg McMuffin. No siree! It’s much better looking (even than a billboard McMuffin) and much better for you. This is just a simple variation of the many egg sandwiches I have made lately.

Pictured here is:
1 English Muffin, toasted
1 perfectly fried egg (in the tiniest pat of butter, salt and peppered)
3 slices of heavenly, garden-fresh tomatoes (dotted with extra virgin olive oil, salt and peppered)
1/2 of an avocado (sliced)
a sprinkling of grated Parmesan cheese

YUM. Oh my, yum. Like many of the foods I make and write about, this is perfect for any meal. It has good fill-you-up ingredients that are good for you and won’t bog you down nor bloat your belly. A perfect summer meal. I’ve made similar sandwiches with sautéed mushrooms, green peppers and white onion in place of the avocado, and Swiss cheese instead of Parmesan.… Continue reading

cajun spiced almonds

This is my go-to recipe for making fancy almonds. It’s much cheaper to buy raw almonds in bulk and toast, sugar and spice them yourself than pay an arm and a leg for some factory in some far away land to do it for you! And, as an added bonus, you can rest assured MSG will not be part of this love story. I was shocked to find that MSG is in nearly every supermarket jar of roasted peanuts. But, I suppose like its cousin corn syrup, it tries to eek its way into as many “foods” as possible.

But I digress, this is not a rant and I don’t mean to be rude. I’m simply here to share a recipe. An easy-peasy recipe. One that takes about 15 minutes to throw together (including baking time!).  These almonds are great for a snack, or part of a meal, after… Continue reading

potato salad with celery leaves, parsley and eggs

Yes that’s a lovely little dollop of potato salad you see there atop a pair of fresh garden salads. It’s a rather small dollop because we went through this potato salad fast! It was my first time ever making this famed picnic side, and I’m more than pleased I finally decided to give it a go.

I received a bag-full of homegrown potatoes from my sister’s father-in-law, Ray, and they had just been lounging about in their big brown bag, ever so patient, ever so eager, waiting to make an appearance in some lunch or some dinner. And so, since we were having a party on the fourth-of-July, I decided it was time to pull them from hiding and make something fine of them.

Mayonnaise is an obvious staple that a good potato salad requires. Mayonnaise also happens to be one of those ingredients that I never have on hand… Continue reading

chicken lasagna

Once upon a time Graham and I traveled to the far away land of Michigan. Grand Rapids, to be precise. We spent time with family and vacationed a bit. It was lovely. We saw the city, the beach, the country side, the suburbs and even went to Holland where we saw many tulips, found $10, and tried on authentic wooden shoes. We did not bring any home.

I did, however, bring home this lovely recipe for chicken lasagna. Now call me crazy, but I had never heard of, nor tried, chicken lasagna before. But then again this is coming from someone who has never even made a traditional lasagna (with ground beef) before. Instead I’ve taken to layering my lasagna sheets with venison, wild mushrooms and vegetables. So I’d say it was about time I gave chicken a chance (we’ll see about beef).

Now, let me tell you a little… Continue reading

banana blueberry baked oatmeal

I woke up rather hungry yesterday morning. We (Graham, Tobias, everybody) were at the beach all week and splurged on foods like boardwalk pizza, homemade hand-dipped ice cream, homemade donuts, kettle corn, hand crafted beers, red wine saved from Valentine’s two years ago, Manchego cheese, strawberries, almonds, fudge from my namesake shop, oh and lobster. Graham ate a whole lobster, and it was determined during that particular dinner that I do not like lobster. Not one bit. Not the texture, not the smell of it, not even the mini pool of melted butter that accompanies it. I know, call me crazy.

I enjoy all other creatures from the sea… even mussels(!), the seafood I choked on at the ripe old age of thirteen. But I’ve reaffirmed that lobster is one I can do without. I had only tasted it one other time- in an airplane cabin (first class, mind you,… Continue reading