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oat waffles

I considered myself a pancake person for the longest time. Pancakes, especially of the cornmeal variety, were my specialty. Me and the griddle, best buds. But my mother-in-law made waffles when I was visiting over Christmas, and it was then that I recalled just how much I enjoyed a good, homemade, fresh off the iron, waffle, smothered in butter and doused with maple syrup. Salivating yet?

You see, I’m no foreigner to waffles. Growing up, my parents made and served them countless Saturday mornings and numerous weeknights for dinner. They were usually blueberry and made in a lovely antique iron. I have very fond memories of my father smothering his with peanut butter and thick glugs of syrup. I think it near sickened my mother (his smothered and gluggered waffles), but I can see the appeal. And, he was getting in some good protein in addition to his carbs. At… Continue reading

summer squash bake

The other night Graham offered to prepare some chicken for dinner. I was more than happy to oblige and promptly scooted my way out of the kitchen to make room for him. (Actually, come to think of it, I may have been reclining on the couch with nothing in the works for dinner… hence his offering to help get the ball rolling.) A plate of chicken, though tasty, doesn’t come quite close to sufficing as dinner in my book. So with Graham and Tobie at work in the kitchen, I brainstormed from the couch a side dish to accompany the chicken.

I had picked up a vintage recipe box filled with hundreds of typed recipes from a church rummage a few months back. In recent weeks I’ve been perusing through the box, pulling out ones that I could see myself making. In the vegetable section was this recipe for summer… Continue reading

zucchini chocolate bread

During the summer months when zucchini is plentiful, I find myself making this bread quite a bit. Not overly sweet, but just sweet enough. Each bite is packed with heavenly goodness. I’ve made these loaves dozens of times and played around with the recipe quite a bit.

I’ve cut way back on sugar, swapped out the traditional vegetable oil for coconut oil and yogurt and replaced a good bit of the called for all-purpose flour with a hearty whole wheat. I am more than pleased with the revisions I’ve made, and this bread has proved to be the perfect morning, afternoon or evening snack and makes a lovely addition to any meal or dessert.

Oh, and did I mention that no mixer is required and this batter comes together in a jiffy? Hmmm… perhaps that’s where that company name came from. Anyway, the baking time is all the patience required,… Continue reading

sautéed shrimp with turmeric & mustard seeds

This shrimp was finger lickin’ good. I feel funny saying that, since we usually say that about the kernels fried chicken, but I found myself doing just that, licking every last finger. This was actually the first time I cooked raw shrimp. I guess you could say I’m a late bloomer. It wasn’t until semi-recently that I could tolerate the texture of shrimp. But, thankfully a good few years ago I got over that hiccup.

And I’m glad I did. Shrimp is affordable, versatile, and fills you up just right (meaning it doesn’t make you snooze like a turkey or tip over like a cow afterward). And, as an added bonus, you’ll even have room for dessert after eating this shrimp. Win-win all around. But, before we get to dessert, lets talk about this main course.

Chili powder and turmeric go wonderfully together as turmeric has a peppery flavour and… Continue reading