Monthly Archives: September 2012

chicken chive cutlets

As we sat down to eat this fowl dinner, the Mr. brought it to my attention that we were dining on fried chicken. I wrinkled my brow in disbelief. For we’ve shared quite a few conversations about fried chicken, he and I. I’ve told him that I believe fried chicken is something to be eaten lightly. Like once a year or decade. He thinks otherwise. So how elated was I to realise indeed I had just fried up some chicken?!

You see, to me, fried chicken is bought by the bucketful with sides of mash potatoes, coleslaw and buttermilk biscuits. And if I were going to eat it, I’d rather fry it up myself. And that’s where the dilemma comes in. Perhaps it’s my aversion to white and dimply, goose-bumpy chicken skin. Or maybe it’s that I don’t own a large enough vat or have jugs of excess frying oil,… Continue reading

lemon-poppy squash bread

If e’er I had a hobbit drop by for second breakfast or elevenses, this would be the quick bread we’d share… with a pot or three of tea. Earthy and sugary, this bread is the perfect balance of sweet and savoury. Each bite is filled with subtle traces of candied winter vegetables, hints of carrot, roasted sweet potato and freshly-forked-out spaghetti squash, yet is balanced by the tang of lemon and punch of poppy. And perhaps the best part? That fine little layer of crunchy turbinado sugar atop the loaf. Simply perfection.

This was the first time I had ever made a quick bread using yellow summer squash, and I’m so glad I did. I’ve baked countless loaves using green summer squash (aka zucchini) but never thought of using its sister, yellow summer squash. I grated the squash super fine (the tiniest option on my grater) so that it almost… Continue reading

tamale pies

Mmmmm tamale pies. Ever had one? Ever made one? I hadn’t either until this week. I was browsing through a magazine and saw a picture of one and thought perhaps these pies would be a nice little addition to my weeknight supper repertoire. And after making them I’m happy to share that I’ll be making them again!

What’s not to love about a cornbread topped casserole, blanketing a layer of sautéed ground beef, onions, garlic and peppers beneath? Oh, and we mustn’t forget the cheddar on top and the zing of fresh herbs mingled throughout. I definitely see myself feasting on these little pies through the upcoming fall and winter. (Is it just me or do I sound like a squirrel speaking of her pending hibernation?)

This was a quick-to-throw-together meal with minimal effort required. Then again, I suppose raising the cow to provide the beef would be a lot… Continue reading

whole wheat cookie cake

We almost never have store-bought dessert in our home (unless shortbread goes on sale or I come across some gourmet treat at the local scratch and dent grocery outlet). That would be why I’m making them all the time. To keep up with supply and demand. And I’m okay with the demand and I think Graham is too (actually I’m positive he is).

So the other night we were watching a newer episode of Doctor Who. I say newer, well, because if you know anything about Doctor Who, you know that it has been around a few centuries. Seriously, back to the days of Dickens… Okay, perhaps not that long, but when I catch Graham watching one of his many old VHS tapes from his enormous Doctor Who collection, Dickens era is what I see. Archaic Daleks with plungers for arms, sets made on a $5 budget, Trapper Keeper-esque home… Continue reading

lemon-mint sweet tea

About a week ago I was in charge of bringing tea to a party (and no, it wasn’t a tea party). I personally prefer my tea unsweetened, but I’ve heard the majority of folk do not. They like sugar in their tea. And lots of it. Okay, to be honest, I do enjoy a good glass of sweetened iced tea every once and a while. Especially when it’s homemade and especially with fresh mint in it.

So, I looked around on the interwebs to see how people make sweet tea. And not to be redundant, but I found that people put lots of sugar in their tea! Like super lots. (Kind of like big lots but not really.) I found that other people put almond extract in their tea and that sounded interesting to me. Thanks Ms. Dean. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and used… Continue reading