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tomato carrot bisque

We have this great little cafe in our neck of the woods that serves up a delicious bowl of tomato carrot soup. Now in no way was I trying to emulate that recipe. In fact the recipe I was referring to called this creamy tomato soup (with no mention of carrots whatsoever), but after tasting one spoonful, both Graham and I agreed that it was very reminicent of our favourite soup from our favourite little cafe. I was elated.

This soup is full of tomatoes (of the canned variety, making this soup very winter friendly) carrots, red onion, garlic, chicken stock and a bit of cream. I say a bit because for a kettleful of soup it only called for 3/4 c. The cream definitely did not overwhelm the vegetables nor did it make the soup heavy tasting. It was just creamy enough, yet still allowed for all the other… Continue reading

lemon cheddar zucchini pilaf

I wasn’t sure what to call this rice dish. Cheesy Zucchini Rice sounded, well, cheesy, and Brown Rice with Zucchini & Cheese seemed a bit boring. So, I decided to highlight the wonderful hints of lemon and creamy goodness of cheddar and throw in pilaf for fun. This pilaf is perfect for summer or fall and just the dish to continue in my (unplanned) squash recipe series. It seems I could spend all autumn roasting various gourds and squash and be quite content. But don’t worry, I have only a few more dishes containing the heavenly squash that I hope still to share.

If you’re not a fan of lemon, simply omit it from the recipe. But to me, the lemon is what makes this cheesy dish unique. The grated squash and zest compliment each other wonderfully and the cheese melds everything together. I added in some chives and basil… Continue reading

roasted spaghetti squash with herbs & parmesan

So say you happen to purposefully pick up a nice big, pale yellow, beautifully strung spaghetti squash at the market. May I recommend this tasty take? All you will need is a heaping 1/2 cup of grated Parmesan, a drizzle of olive oil and a tiny mound of fresh cut herbs. All sorts of herbs would be a fine addition to this squash supper. I chose to mix in basil, chives and parsley. It was absolutely scrumptious. A big bowl is supper in itself, or add a slice of grilled chicken or fish to the plate and you are dining first class.

Roasting squash is one of my favourite fall pastimes. I enjoy the whole process: picking out the perfect sqaush, trying to whack the thing open with my largest chef knife, scooping out its seeds and flesh, and then taking in that lovely smell wafting from the oven a… Continue reading

butternut squash & root vegetable soup

Let’s forget the fact that I thought I was picking up a spaghetti squash at the farmers market last weekend. The thing is, I know my squashes. Acorn, butternut, spaghetti, summer… but somehow I managed to buy one and bring it home, thinking all the while that soon I would be scooping out its pale yellow roasted strands, slathering it in homemade red sauce with caramelized onions and mushrooms, enjoying my non traditional autumn pasta dish. Well, not so much. Not even close. There would be no mushrooms, no red sauce and surely no spaghetti. I’m blaming the incident on the fact that I only had one cup of coffee that morning. It was early. I was foggy brained. Tomato, tomahto. Spaghetti, butternut. Definitely doesn’t have the same ring.

So after staring at that big yellow oval of a squash perched on my kitchen counter for a day or two… Continue reading

pumpkin streusel bread

This was a mighty large loaf of pumpkin bread. And we successfully finished it off in four days. Not terrible. We’ve done worse. It was really, really good. I decided I wanted something pumpkin on Sunday night and thought I’d whip something up quick. Well, it did take a bit more time than I anticipated (the stand mixer was used thus categorizing it as a somewhat-involved recipe) and the kitchen looked like a tornado had swept through when I was finished, but it was all worth it. This bread was really, really good.

The loaf was the perfect density, not oily or buttery at all and perfectly semi-sweet. The streusel topping was scrumptiously filled with oats and slivered almonds and toasted up beautifully in the oven. I reduced the sugar originally called for by over 1 cup(!), if you can fathom that, and as I mentioned, it was still plenty… Continue reading

slow cooker applesauce

So I lied. Now is not the time to post about a new type of coleslaw anyway. It’s apple time. Time for making all things apple. I’ve made this here batch of applesauce twice in the last two weeks, and I plan on making it again once I come into another half bushel of apples. This was my first time making applesauce, and I regret not jumping on the wagon of applesauce making long ago. It was a piece of cake (well, actually like a bazillion pieces of apples) and only took about 30 minutes to throw together. Not to mention that for the six sweet hours of cooking time, your home will smell like a cider fest and soon thereafter, your fridge or freezer will be stocked with lots of appley goodness.

The first time I made this applesauce I made it with a dozen apples. The second time… Continue reading