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moroccan chickpea stew

It’s good to be back. I’ve been away far too long from this lovely little space. With Christmas and traveling and family gatherings, it was hard to find time to slip away to write about food. Especially since I was all too busy eating it. And playing games. There was many-a-game played over the last few days (and still more to come, as we have yet another family gathering kicking off tonight!).

Our family favourites? Ticket to Ride (I prefer Europe) and now that we’ve learned to play it, Settlers of Catan. What a great game. If you’re a game person and haven’t heard of either of these, I suggest you rent them from your local library (wouldn’t that be nice) or hunt them down at a thrift shop (OR pay a hefty price online which would be cheaper than a game store price). Because these games are… Continue reading

flourless chocolate banana oat bars

I am practicing major self control and saving the last of these bars for Graham in the fridge. I made this sweet treat for a small gathering I attended last night (a few ladies gathered in a cozy mansion getting free facials and such; no biggie).  Anyway, it was requested that I bring cowboy cookies, but since I just made those, I figured I would make something different. I have a hard time making the same dish twice over the course of a week or two. I like to keep things spicy if you know what I mean. It’s all about v-a-r-i-e-t-y.

So I leafed through my little binder of recipes and decided to make these. They are super moist, very oat-y, full of chocolate chunks, ground up almonds, and oh yes, coconut. Oh how I love coconut. There is no flour, no butter, no eggs, nor any sugar… Continue reading

whole wheat cherry biscuits

These biscuits were gobbled up in about three days. And that’s pretty quick considering there are only two of us gobbling. At first I thought they were a bit dry and a tad too squat, but then I realised they begged to be treated more like a scone. Slathered in butter, warm from the toaster oven, not sliced in half but rather bitten into whole, and slathered in butter.

Did I mention they are good with butter? (So good that perhaps each bite requires the tiniest addition of a new pat of butter; one must fill all nooks and crannies!) And warmed. All leftover biscuits not eaten in the first seating must be rewarmed and crisped in a toaster oven. The cherries turn into a lovely smear of jam and after a few bites you’ll be out of your seat, warming up your second biscuit. Or third.

See the lovely… Continue reading

vegan cowboy cookies

I made these cookies a good week or two ago and am just now getting around to posting the recipe. I have been semi-sans without a computer for the last few weeks, so my many posts will just have to wait. But today, I bring to you my almost vegan cowboy cookies. If I had used vegan chocolate chips they’d be fully vegan, but I wasn’t so much concerned with making a totally vegan cookie. Rather, I was out of butter and needed to make a dessert, so I landed here in cowboy cookie land.

I’ve made these cookies a few times before. They are lovely little gems. I think I ended up consuming more of these in the breakfast hour (elevenses; happy hobbit day!) than after any given meal. To me, they are reminiscent of a breakfast bar (or breakfast round in this case) with a bit of chocolate.… Continue reading

easy molasses cookies

These cookies were a cinch to throw together. My father stopped by last week to have coffee with Graham, and I had no sweets on hand. An awful shame. I find it rather difficult to serve coffee (especially to company) without a healthy dose of sweets. So I quick pulled out my vintage Betty Crocker’s Cooky Book (it’s amazing) and leafed through to find a recipe with few ingredients.

Did I mention I have like 5 gallons of molasses, waiting in the wings, to be used in any dish sweet or savoury? Owen, my brother in law, can attest to this. He visited us recently and left with a quart of molasses cradled under his arm as a party favor. Really, it was no party but his visit was an excuse to throw some his way. Some give blood. I give the gift of molasses.

There are no… Continue reading

rosemary & thyme homefries (crisped in bacon lard)

Hot dang these ‘taters were good. Then again I’m sure dog treats fried in bacon lard would be tasty. Okay, perhaps not… but you get my drift. Red potatoes + fresh herbs from our garden + lard + garlic = love. Or a heart attack. But both have to do with the heart. I prefer the heart overflowing with love not clogged arteries… I digress.

We had us some breakfast for dinner last night and these tiny taters were mounded up on our plate next to eggs, baked beans and warmed applesauce. And a tad of whiskey to wash it all down. Yes, a tad. (Poured over the most precious ice cubes from our new ice cube tray I found for half a buck. The ice cubes look like gumdrops! Beautiful south pole gumdrops.)

All throughout the course of our brinner, Graham and I raved about these fried potatoes. I’m… Continue reading

southern style sweet potato casserole

My mom makes the most heavenly sweet potato casserole. The problem is that she only makes this casserole once a year. Once. Now perhaps it wouldn’t be so special (in my heart and stomach) if she made it all the time, but I’m so fond of this casserole that I’m pretty sure if she made it regularly, I’d still be over the moon about it.

I didn’t have her recipe on hand so my casserole is slightly different, but turned out just as delicious. It most certainly doesn’t have nearly as much butter or sugar, but I still think it’s just as good. And, on the upside, I can eat many more servings and not feel as if I’m really helping myself to spoonfuls and spoonfuls of dessert. Because let’s be honest, most sweet potato casseroles are dessert. Who are we kidding?

This version is a tad sweet. The sweet… Continue reading