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molasses apple granola

Perhaps it was because of my great love for granola, and the fact that many call me Lola, that this blog came about. I used to make it weekly and loved how our house would fill with aromas of toasted oats, honey, maple and cinnamon. I guess my baking efforts turned to other things, like breads, cookies and 100-layer crêpe cakes. But the point is, I hadn’t made granola in a while.

Also, the last eighth or so of honey from our (gigundo gallon) honey jar crystallized. A very sad day. That could very well have something to do with my absence in granolaland. Yes, I’m aware that hardened honey can be saved (thank heavens), and I’ve softened it many times, but it’s just that extra step! I did read recently that placing a jar of crystallized honey on top of the oven while baking something beneath is a good… Continue reading


So these popovers. Have you ever had popovers? Fresh-from-the-oven popovers? (Which is truly the only way to have them.) They’re light, buttery and hollow inside, and preparing the batter is the easiest thing ever. You literally pour all the ingredients in a blender and whirl, whirl away. And presto! You have the most lovely, silky popover batter ever. So that’s: measure, dump, crack, pour, lid on, press button, “Oooooo” and you’re done. No scientific sifting, whisking, folding or beating. Just you and your blender and a merry old time.

I might add that it’s worth grabbing a bowl of popcorn, a friend and some stools to sit on, to watch the magic unfold through your oven door as these mighty popovers POP. Seriously, it’s pretty cool. So cool that you’ll feel compelled to call anyone home, into the kitchen, to watch them do their thing. Unfortunately I have no photos… Continue reading

irish soda bread with dried cherries

Good morning world. Today while I was making my ritual cup of pour over coffee, I looked out the kitchen window and noticed a man dancing. He was two houses behind ours, two backyards away. Our backyards are stitched together, with a wooden fence between, if that makes sense. He brought a smile to my face. His dancing. And we aren’t talking a little bob and sway. He was getting right down. And forty-five minutes later he’s still at it. His coat is now off. Awesome.

I’d say he’s in his twenties or thirties. Appears to be quite fit (um, dancing will do that), and to be honest, it’s hard to take my eyes off him. He appears to be so full of life. Joyful, even. I wonder to myself if he’s worshiping, or if he’s getting in his morning exercise, or both. I wonder if he has children. I… Continue reading

sweet potato shepherd’s pie

This was a fun dish to make. I grew up eating shepherd’s pie. I fondly remember it served from my mother’s deep square-ish CorningWare dish. A layer of deliciously seasoned beef blanketed the bottom of the casserole. Next came a layer of canned green beans seasoned with Mrs. Dash (one of my mums favourite spices). And finally, a soothing layer of creamy, buttered, homemade mashed potatoes.

It was either Sunday afternoon, after we returned home from church with grumbling belly’s (we had a thirty minute drive!), or a not-so-busy week night that she could corral all three kids and her husband around the dinner table. This version is slightly different, but I still give mom the credit. She not only taught me the importance of comfort food and casseroles, and their place in a healthy and balanced diet, but she married a hunter, thus teaching me the importance of being… Continue reading

acorn squash mushroom lasagna

I’m not your typical lasagna kind of girl. Never have been. Never will be. Especially since Christopher Kimball told me recently that a measly pound of ground beef contains DNA from over 400 different animals. I had to listen to him say so (on his America’s Test Kitchen podcast) about 5 times before it truly sunk in. Four hundred. I told Graham we will grind our own meat henceforward. Heck, it’ll be an adventure.

As I was saying, I like non-typical lasagnas. And I like squash. A lot. Mushrooms, garlic and spinach are also fabulous contenders. And so, given my likes and dislikes, this vegetable layered treat was born. Both Graham and I thought it was a most comforting dish. Not too heavy with the absence of meat, and neither too rich, as there isn’t an overabundance of cheese.

This lasagna does require a bit of time to make. But… Continue reading