Monthly Archives: March 2013

get well smoothie


I’m back! And in a very faraway land. I’ve missed writing and posting pictures of food. And my excuse for being gone so long? Well, I am in a faraway land (Hawaii to be exact!) but I was also sick for a few weeks, and the thought of making food or even looking at food caused my stomach to tumble. But, I’m well now. And back in the kitchen. In fact, I called Graham in to celebrate just a few mornings ago, when I was in the midst of making a delicious omelet. One filled with rosemary (pulled fresh from the rural Hawaiian roadside), asparagus, potato and feta. I was cooking again! And oh how good it felt.

So why are we in the magical and dreamy state of Hawaii? We are most fortunate to have very good friends living here. It certainly doesn’t hurt that they live in a… Continue reading