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glorious morning muffins


I had these muffins while we were in Hawaii that I fell in love with. So we returned to the coffee shop I purchased them from several times to purchase and consume them again and again. (I say we, but it was really just me.) Once home, I experienced slight muffin withdrawal. So it was just a day or two after being back in my own kitchen that I decided to whip up my version of these great, glorious muffins.

You see, I had taken notes our last morning on the North Shore, while eating my last, glorious muffin. The four of us (Graham and I and our two friends) all shared a picnic bench, facing the ocean, and with our coffee and pastries in hand, we took in the morning and the beautiful seascape before us. It was grand. But before long, while the others still gazed longingly at… Continue reading