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iced oatmeal applesauce cookies


I hemmed and hawed a few days over what to bring to my sister’s house for our Mother’s Day celebration. I leafed through various cook books and magazines and finally settled on these lovely iced cookies and a batch of my snickerdoodle blondies. I had just enough butter and flour, and all the other mix-ins, to make the two. It’s a rare occasion when my fridge is not stocked with multiple sticks of butter and even rarer when my flour bins are nearly empty. So I was oh so thankful that I just so happened to have the 21 tablespoons butter, exactly 1/2 cup of my homemade applesauce and the few cups of flour required to whip up both desserts. I say whip, but it took about two hours, including cleanup.

But I still made it to church, squeezed in some lunch, crafted the desserts and made it to… Continue reading

cinnamon-swirl banana muffins


If you happen to be craving cinnamon rolls, or perhaps a piping hot slice of banana bread smothered with a good pat of butter, this muffin (equally delicious as a loaf) marries the two most scrumptiously and will certainly hit the spot. The first few times I made this banana-cinnamon-sugar treat, I made loaves, but Sunday I had a crowd to feed so I experimented with muffins. I was taking these beauties to a gathering of musical people who were helping my husband and fellow band-mates record their newest album. I figured muffins would be a welcome guest and much easier to handle than slices of moist and cinnamon-sugary bread. They turned out perfect and were handled, consumed and enjoyed by all in attendance.


Making muffins is a tad more labor-intensive, requiring you to split the batter and the cinnamon sugar topping twice each amongst the dozen muffin tins. Whereas… Continue reading

spicy ground venison


To celebrate May, I have for you a simple, tasty recipe for ground beef, turkey, venison or any other game. I’ve made it with ground venison several times, and over this past winter, it became somewhat of a comfort dish for Graham and me. I usually serve it over black barley or wild rice with a healthy blanket of Sriracha sauce atop. We think it’s the best.

Something about the heat of the sauce coupled with the hearty, healthy venison and the crispy vegetables mixed throughout, pleases the brain and tongue simultaneously, leaving you wanting more and more. A healthy lure, I’d say. And serving it over a not-too-filling bed of rice or barley, tames down the heat just perfectly, yielding the most superb lunch or dinner any time of year (not just hunting season, mind you).


I’ve made large batches before and frozen leftovers in dinner size portions, making… Continue reading