Monthly Archives: September 2013

quick & easy honey cornbread muffins

I’ve made these muffins now twice in the last week. And like that super cheesy early 90’s song, I’ve finally found the love of a lifetime… as far as a delicious and easy, super-quick-to-make and incredibly tasty cornbread muffin. I couldn’t be happier!

These muffins have a bit of sugar and honey in them so they are perfectly sweet and wonderfully moist. Toasted or hot out of the oven with a smear of butter, heaven. And since none remain from the last batch I made, I think I know what’s on today’s agenda… making at least another dozen.

The batter takes minutes to whip up, requiring no special tools or gadgets, and they’re beautifully golden brown after just 15 minutes in the oven. Let cool a quick 5 minutes and these honey sweet corn muffins will be on your breakfast or supper table, ready to be gobbled down by… Continue reading

baked camembert pasta

When I made this pasta dish the other night, I immediately remembered the last time I made it. Three Christmases ago with good friends over for dinner, before we moved into our home. That’s how good this pasta is. Why then, haven’t I made it for three long years? Two reasons: Camembert can be pricy. This dish as it’s quite delectable (cheese and pasta… perhaps not the best to eat too, too often). And I really don’t repeat many-a-dishes. Okay that was three reasons, but you get my drift.

Not only is this pasta delish, but it’s easy. Heavens, it’s easy. Besides the pasta and the Camembert, there are only four other ingredients: spinach, garlic, rosemary and grated Parmesan. It also only takes about 30 minutes to throw together, including prep time. Including prep time! I can’t tell you how many “30 minute” recipes I’ve attempted that end up taking… Continue reading

chickpea patties

I promise you that I have not been neglecting the kitchen. If anything, this past month has been my most fruitful month in the kitchen for as long as I can recall. I have baked dozens of muffins, a handful of quick breads, a dozen Belgian waffles (well, Graham made those) and pancakes out the wazoo. I even made a bundt cake with fresh peaches from the nearby orchard. I’ve baked mini-loaves, mini-muffins, regular muffins and even mid-sized muffins (a lovely in-between size of the mini and regular muffin). I’ve been on a mission.

The mission? To fill our freezer with as much good, homemade food as possible before baby O’s birthday. Good food always makes for good moods, and filling our bellies with little effort (aside from a short walk to the freezer) will be a wonderful thing.
I made a very high and lofty goal about three weeks… Continue reading