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cream cheese apricot scones with dried cranberries

apricot cranberry cream cheese scones

I made these scones just before birdie, our little one, was born. I saved two out of the bakers dozen and added them to the pancake meal I had previously made (and froze; pancakes and waffles freeze so wonderfully and reheat like a charm in the toaster oven!) to take with us to the birth center. Not knowing when birdie’s birth day would be, or what hour she’d make her grand debut, I decided a breakfast feast would be the perfect celebratory post-birth meal. Comforting, sweet, full of delicious carbs (giving birth is indeed a full-on marathon) and welcome at any hour.

As it turns out, she was born at 12:59am. We spent the first several hours, food far from thought, just plain in awe of her. We passed her back and forth, quieting her when she decided to be heard, and simply soaked in her beauty. Did you know… Continue reading

little love

angel cake

Graham and I welcomed our daughter into this world, lovingly, one month and three days ago. She weighed 9lbs and measured 21 inches in length. She’s already gained a few pounds and has grown a few inches too. She has my nose and Graham’s chin, adorable dimples and the most dainty eyelashes. Her hair is a reddish brown, her fingers and toes quite lengthy and her legs and neck quite strong. She stands on her own and has held up her head since birth.

She has the most adorable sneeze you’ll ever hear and she’s already saying “ohhh” and “ahh.” Her coos woo you and even when she keeps you up all night, her face is the most welcome sight to grace a set of weary eyes. We love her so, and are so very thankful the good Lord has entrusted us with her. Sweet Ramona, welcome to this world.