First World Mama

On expensive strollers:
Yesterday I was at an IKEA. I was giving Birdie the boob. (We were in the cafeteria: a very logical place to feed one’s little babe.) This lady rolled up to an adjoining couch and handed her wee one, buckled into said stroller, a pouch of slurp-able veggies and fruit. Hey, to each little babe her own good nourishment! But I just have to say that this stroller that this babe rolled up in was insane. They make insane strollers these days, yes!? Have you been to a BabiesRUs lately? Their stroller section is like a freakin’ car lot. And don’t even get me started on the car seats and gliders. But back to the stroller. The kid sat like 3-feet up off the ground and the wheels were, no lie, like 24-inches in diameter. The entire stroller resembled some kind of super-futuristic space pod. And all I can think of is, it’s kind of like when I see a Hummer in the city (like downtown Philadelphia, people). Why?