iced oatmeal applesauce cookies


I hemmed and hawed a few days over what to bring to my sister’s house for our Mother’s Day celebration. I leafed through various cook books and magazines and finally settled on these lovely iced cookies and a batch of my snickerdoodle blondies. I had just enough butter and flour, and all the other mix-ins, to make the two. It’s a rare occasion when my fridge is not stocked with multiple sticks of butter and even rarer when my flour bins are nearly empty. So I was oh so thankful that I just so happened to have the 21 tablespoons butter, exactly 1/2 cup of my homemade applesauce and the few cups of flour required to whip up both desserts. I say whip, but it took about two hours, including cleanup.

But I still made it to church, squeezed in some lunch, crafted the desserts and made it to… Continue reading

vegan cowboy cookies

I made these cookies a good week or two ago and am just now getting around to posting the recipe. I have been semi-sans without a computer for the last few weeks, so my many posts will just have to wait. But today, I bring to you my almost vegan cowboy cookies. If I had used vegan chocolate chips they’d be fully vegan, but I wasn’t so much concerned with making a totally vegan cookie. Rather, I was out of butter and needed to make a dessert, so I landed here in cowboy cookie land.

I’ve made these cookies a few times before. They are lovely little gems. I think I ended up consuming more of these in the breakfast hour (elevenses; happy hobbit day!) than after any given meal. To me, they are reminiscent of a breakfast bar (or breakfast round in this case) with a bit of chocolate.… Continue reading

iced pumpkin applesauce cookies

These cookies make me so happy. My mother made them for my brother, sister and me every Thanksgiving and it was something we always we looked forward to. Like Christmas, they came but once a year, and they were oh so fancy with their beautifully iced tops. One after dinner, or perhaps a time of play, was all that was needed to cause the world to pause. Yes, that sounds dramatic, but I revere these cookies that much.

I hadn’t made these cookies in a very long while, and this time I decided to switch up a few of the ingredients (my usual: swap out half the all purpose flour for whole wheat, halve the sugar, replace some of the butter with applesauce and throw in a few of my favourite spices for good measure). You may ask why ever would I tamper with such a perfect recipe, and one… Continue reading

slow cooker applesauce

So I lied. Now is not the time to post about a new type of coleslaw anyway. It’s apple time. Time for making all things apple. I’ve made this here batch of applesauce twice in the last two weeks, and I plan on making it again once I come into another half bushel of apples. This was my first time making applesauce, and I regret not jumping on the wagon of applesauce making long ago. It was a piece of cake (well, actually like a bazillion pieces of apples) and only took about 30 minutes to throw together. Not to mention that for the six sweet hours of cooking time, your home will smell like a cider fest and soon thereafter, your fridge or freezer will be stocked with lots of appley goodness.

The first time I made this applesauce I made it with a dozen apples. The second time… Continue reading