cinnamon-swirl banana muffins


If you happen to be craving cinnamon rolls, or perhaps a piping hot slice of banana bread smothered with a good pat of butter, this muffin (equally delicious as a loaf) marries the two most scrumptiously and will certainly hit the spot. The first few times I made this banana-cinnamon-sugar treat, I made loaves, but Sunday I had a crowd to feed so I experimented with muffins. I was taking these beauties to a gathering of musical people who were helping my husband and fellow band-mates record their newest album. I figured muffins would be a welcome guest and much easier to handle than slices of moist and cinnamon-sugary bread. They turned out perfect and were handled, consumed and enjoyed by all in attendance.


Making muffins is a tad more labor-intensive, requiring you to split the batter and the cinnamon sugar topping twice each amongst the dozen muffin tins. Whereas… Continue reading

get well smoothie


I’m back! And in a very faraway land. I’ve missed writing and posting pictures of food. And my excuse for being gone so long? Well, I am in a faraway land (Hawaii to be exact!) but I was also sick for a few weeks, and the thought of making food or even looking at food caused my stomach to tumble. But, I’m well now. And back in the kitchen. In fact, I called Graham in to celebrate just a few mornings ago, when I was in the midst of making a delicious omelet. One filled with rosemary (pulled fresh from the rural Hawaiian roadside), asparagus, potato and feta. I was cooking again! And oh how good it felt.

So why are we in the magical and dreamy state of Hawaii? We are most fortunate to have very good friends living here. It certainly doesn’t hurt that they live in a… Continue reading

flourless chocolate banana oat bars

I am practicing major self control and saving the last of these bars for Graham in the fridge. I made this sweet treat for a small gathering I attended last night (a few ladies gathered in a cozy mansion getting free facials and such; no biggie).  Anyway, it was requested that I bring cowboy cookies, but since I just made those, I figured I would make something different. I have a hard time making the same dish twice over the course of a week or two. I like to keep things spicy if you know what I mean. It’s all about v-a-r-i-e-t-y.

So I leafed through my little binder of recipes and decided to make these. They are super moist, very oat-y, full of chocolate chunks, ground up almonds, and oh yes, coconut. Oh how I love coconut. There is no flour, no butter, no eggs, nor any sugar… Continue reading

banana blueberry baked oatmeal

I woke up rather hungry yesterday morning. We (Graham, Tobias, everybody) were at the beach all week and splurged on foods like boardwalk pizza, homemade hand-dipped ice cream, homemade donuts, kettle corn, hand crafted beers, red wine saved from Valentine’s two years ago, Manchego cheese, strawberries, almonds, fudge from my namesake shop, oh and lobster. Graham ate a whole lobster, and it was determined during that particular dinner that I do not like lobster. Not one bit. Not the texture, not the smell of it, not even the mini pool of melted butter that accompanies it. I know, call me crazy.

I enjoy all other creatures from the sea… even mussels(!), the seafood I choked on at the ripe old age of thirteen. But I’ve reaffirmed that lobster is one I can do without. I had only tasted it one other time- in an airplane cabin (first class, mind you,… Continue reading