sweet potato shepherd’s pie

This was a fun dish to make. I grew up eating shepherd’s pie. I fondly remember it served from my mother’s deep square-ish CorningWare dish. A layer of deliciously seasoned beef blanketed the bottom of the casserole. Next came a layer of canned green beans seasoned with Mrs. Dash (one of my mums favourite spices). And finally, a soothing layer of creamy, buttered, homemade mashed potatoes.

It was either Sunday afternoon, after we returned home from church with grumbling belly’s (we had a thirty minute drive!), or a not-so-busy week night that she could corral all three kids and her husband around the dinner table. This version is slightly different, but I still give mom the credit. She not only taught me the importance of comfort food and casseroles, and their place in a healthy and balanced diet, but she married a hunter, thus teaching me the importance of being… Continue reading

southern style sweet potato casserole

My mom makes the most heavenly sweet potato casserole. The problem is that she only makes this casserole once a year. Once. Now perhaps it wouldn’t be so special (in my heart and stomach) if she made it all the time, but I’m so fond of this casserole that I’m pretty sure if she made it regularly, I’d still be over the moon about it.

I didn’t have her recipe on hand so my casserole is slightly different, but turned out just as delicious. It most certainly doesn’t have nearly as much butter or sugar, but I still think it’s just as good. And, on the upside, I can eat many more servings and not feel as if I’m really helping myself to spoonfuls and spoonfuls of dessert. Because let’s be honest, most sweet potato casseroles are dessert. Who are we kidding?

This version is a tad sweet. The sweet… Continue reading

tamale pies

Mmmmm tamale pies. Ever had one? Ever made one? I hadn’t either until this week. I was browsing through a magazine and saw a picture of one and thought perhaps these pies would be a nice little addition to my weeknight supper repertoire. And after making them I’m happy to share that I’ll be making them again!

What’s not to love about a cornbread topped casserole, blanketing a layer of sautéed ground beef, onions, garlic and peppers beneath? Oh, and we mustn’t forget the cheddar on top and the zing of fresh herbs mingled throughout. I definitely see myself feasting on these little pies through the upcoming fall and winter. (Is it just me or do I sound like a squirrel speaking of her pending hibernation?)

This was a quick-to-throw-together meal with minimal effort required. Then again, I suppose raising the cow to provide the beef would be a lot… Continue reading

summer squash bake

The other night Graham offered to prepare some chicken for dinner. I was more than happy to oblige and promptly scooted my way out of the kitchen to make room for him. (Actually, come to think of it, I may have been reclining on the couch with nothing in the works for dinner… hence his offering to help get the ball rolling.) A plate of chicken, though tasty, doesn’t come quite close to sufficing as dinner in my book. So with Graham and Tobie at work in the kitchen, I brainstormed from the couch a side dish to accompany the chicken.

I had picked up a vintage recipe box filled with hundreds of typed recipes from a church rummage a few months back. In recent weeks I’ve been perusing through the box, pulling out ones that I could see myself making. In the vegetable section was this recipe for summer… Continue reading