peanut butter blossoms

granolalola | peanut butter blossoms

So I’m totally back on coffee and cookies. It’s time to admit: I’m a softy for sugar (sounds so much better than sugar addict, doesn’t it?). I made my very first batch ever of peanut butter blossoms on New Years Eve. A few days prior, I was telling Graham that they, along with snowballs, are my favourite Christmastime cookies. But the crazy thing is, I’d never made either before. Maybe it’s because I don’t have a pantry stocked with kisses or somehow I thought snowballs were hard to make (hardly), but whatever the reason, it was time to make this wrong right.

Big mistake. Why? Well, they turned out amazing (of course, for anytime you start out creaming butter and sugar, you simply can’t go wrong), they’re practically bite size (bite size = eat by the handful) and really, is there anything better than the combination of chocolate and peanut… Continue reading

chocolate walnut coconut torte


I think I see some cloud formations there in that dreamy chocolate filling, filling the crust to the brim. I see a profile of a lady. Right to the left of that poking-out walnut (at just about two o’clock). See her? She almost looks like Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Her hair is down and she has dark, sunken-in eyes. And a small white dove, facing west, sits perched upon her crown.

So, back on earth, I made this torte for a good friend’s birthday a month or so back. She had requested something chocolate, and I had no cocoa in the house. I went on to search high and low, in cookbooks and through interwebs, for a recipe that used semi-sweet chocolate, since I had plenty of that in my cupboard. And lo and behold, I found one. So I christened my tart pan (another Goodwill find!)… Continue reading

banoffee pie


Well, good morning. I’ve been away again for too long. I have recipes out the wazoo and it’s time to finally share one with you. I received a wonderful cookbook from my in-laws that had a pie recipe I’d been wanting to try for a few months. With my parents coming for dinner, I decided to give the pie a whirl. Full disclosure: I’m more reminiscent of a toddler playing with Play-doh than a womanly baker when it comes to making and rolling out pie crusts. That’s just how it is. Indeed pie-making is an art I’m far, so very far, from mastering.

My mother, on the other hand, makes the most delectable pie crusts. Flaky and buttery, tender and mild. Okay, I’ve gone a bit too far, but if you saw the crust I made for this pie you’d outright giggle! Lets just say I overworked the dough. So… Continue reading

flourless chocolate banana oat bars

I am practicing major self control and saving the last of these bars for Graham in the fridge. I made this sweet treat for a small gathering I attended last night (a few ladies gathered in a cozy mansion getting free facials and such; no biggie).  Anyway, it was requested that I bring cowboy cookies, but since I just made those, I figured I would make something different. I have a hard time making the same dish twice over the course of a week or two. I like to keep things spicy if you know what I mean. It’s all about v-a-r-i-e-t-y.

So I leafed through my little binder of recipes and decided to make these. They are super moist, very oat-y, full of chocolate chunks, ground up almonds, and oh yes, coconut. Oh how I love coconut. There is no flour, no butter, no eggs, nor any sugar… Continue reading

the best whole wheat chocolate chip cookies

It’s trying to snow outside right now. Enormous snow globs (too large to call them flakes), too wet to stick to anything. But hey, I’ll take it. Funny story: Two nights ago Graham and I decided to watch Elf for the first time this holiday season. I say first because I know there will at least be 2-7 more viewings. Opening scene (and no spoiler alert) a jolly red and white Santa delivering gifts to tiny children in an orphanage, ambles over to a plate of cookies. Not sure the kind. But he takes a cookie and eats it. And that, that was enough for Graham to stop in his tracks, or get up from the couch, and declare that he was going to make us some cookies.

Of course I happily consented, for I’ve only heard that declaration a few other times since we’ve been married. So I went… Continue reading

cookie cake (take two)

I just wanted to share a few tips about this giant cookie pie here. I originally posted the recipe for this whole wheat cookie cake a few months back. Since then, I’ve made it a few more times. And improved the recipe! I have my mother-in-law to thank. When Graham and I were visiting her last month, shortly after I posted the recipe, she made us this cookie cake for breakfast one morning. (I know, we have it rough when visiting her…)

After trying a wedge (or three) of her pie, I immediately assumed she added an extra stick of butter. Not so, she said. Well what did she do, I asked? She baked it in a 9-inch glass Pyrex pie plate (I had been making mine in an 11-inch tart pan), and instead of using the full 1 cup of chocolate chips, she halved that amount and used 1/2… Continue reading

whole wheat cookie cake

We almost never have store-bought dessert in our home (unless shortbread goes on sale or I come across some gourmet treat at the local scratch and dent grocery outlet). That would be why I’m making them all the time. To keep up with supply and demand. And I’m okay with the demand and I think Graham is too (actually I’m positive he is).

So the other night we were watching a newer episode of Doctor Who. I say newer, well, because if you know anything about Doctor Who, you know that it has been around a few centuries. Seriously, back to the days of Dickens… Okay, perhaps not that long, but when I catch Graham watching one of his many old VHS tapes from his enormous Doctor Who collection, Dickens era is what I see. Archaic Daleks with plungers for arms, sets made on a $5 budget, Trapper Keeper-esque home… Continue reading