whole wheat breakfast cookies

granolalola | whole wheat breakfast cookies

Goodness! How the time has flown between my posts recently. I have many recipes to share… it’s simply a matter of making the time to share them! Today I offer you my humble breakfast cookie. It’s quite a tasty treat, and not just to be eaten at breakfast (though I find it best during the morning hours after my coffee). This cookie came about while visiting Michigan recently for a cousin’s wedding. Between the ceremony and reception (there was a good two hours), Graham and I and my brother and his family decided to spend a little time in this adorable little coffee bar, called Clique. The barista introduced himself by name and with a handshake and made us the most delectable beverages. It was a great welcome to the Midwest.

Graham and I shared a cappuccino and one of their “Ultimate Breakfast Cookies.” I liked the cookie a lot.… Continue reading


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Happy Valentines Day all you lovers. I had to send my love off to work this morning, but at least the little mister, Tobias, is here to spend the day with me. First we shared breakfast. Me at the table, and him beneath, hoping for even just one crumb to fall. Next I made my to-do list. And instead of my usual sketched three-dimensional “check-off” boxes, I drew tiny hearts. I know. Charming. What can I say, I’m feeling romantic…

The plumber is coming by this afternoon to fix our ghetto tub. The faucet is not connected to anything and if you ever try to fill the tub with water, the metal thing shoots off and bits of rust and dirt go flying. Not only hazardous but ugly, to say the least. So do we ever bathe? Rarely. And when we do, we shower. And if the mood strikes for… Continue reading

cookie cake (take two)

I just wanted to share a few tips about this giant cookie pie here. I originally posted the recipe for this whole wheat cookie cake a few months back. Since then, I’ve made it a few more times. And improved the recipe! I have my mother-in-law to thank. When Graham and I were visiting her last month, shortly after I posted the recipe, she made us this cookie cake for breakfast one morning. (I know, we have it rough when visiting her…)

After trying a wedge (or three) of her pie, I immediately assumed she added an extra stick of butter. Not so, she said. Well what did she do, I asked? She baked it in a 9-inch glass Pyrex pie plate (I had been making mine in an 11-inch tart pan), and instead of using the full 1 cup of chocolate chips, she halved that amount and used 1/2… Continue reading

whole wheat cookie cake

We almost never have store-bought dessert in our home (unless shortbread goes on sale or I come across some gourmet treat at the local scratch and dent grocery outlet). That would be why I’m making them all the time. To keep up with supply and demand. And I’m okay with the demand and I think Graham is too (actually I’m positive he is).

So the other night we were watching a newer episode of Doctor Who. I say newer, well, because if you know anything about Doctor Who, you know that it has been around a few centuries. Seriously, back to the days of Dickens… Okay, perhaps not that long, but when I catch Graham watching one of his many old VHS tapes from his enormous Doctor Who collection, Dickens era is what I see. Archaic Daleks with plungers for arms, sets made on a $5 budget, Trapper Keeper-esque home… Continue reading