coconut-crusted french toast

granolalola | coconut crusted french toast

So maybe I live under a rock.

Is this a thing? Coconut crusted French toast? Because if it isn’t a thing, it darn well should be. I wanted French toast this morning, and as I hunted and gathered food from inside the fridge and around my cupboards, I noticed a theme: coconuts. Aside from the usual French toast ingredients, I had a mason jar filled with leftover canned coconut milk (the thick, creamy, decadent kind), a carton of coconut milk, and a bag of desiccated coconut. And that’s where the ingenious idea for coconut-crusted, custard-dipped, cinnamoned and spiced French toast came to be.

Was it good? Are you kidding me? Out of this world good. Shoveling in forkfuls, I asked Graham, “Why isn’t this a thing?!” (And again, maybe it is; remember, I don’t get out much.) And then I said to him, “I should be a chef.”

And with… Continue reading

crustless cheese & kale (or spinach) quiche


If you’re anything like me, you at least always have a dozen eggs on hand. And usually a block of cheese. Fresh kale is a maybe as is a bag (or box) of frozen spinach. This is an easy dinner to throw together with oodles of protein, delicious melted cheese and handfuls of hearty greens.

I’ve made this dish a few times, each time a bit different. Different greens, different cheeses, even different sized pie plates and each time the quiche tasted sublime. How can you go wrong combining eggs, cheese & yummy greens? You simply can’t. Unless you forget to crack your eggs or something silly like that.

granolalola | crustless spinach & cheese quiche

This recipe is forgiving and versatile. If I had cooked and crumbled bacon, I’d add it in a heartbeat. If I had some red peppers, I’d dice them and saute them with the onions. Your options are endless, but you can’t… Continue reading

avocado, tomato and egg sandwich

This ain’t yer typical Egg McMuffin. No siree! It’s much better looking (even than a billboard McMuffin) and much better for you. This is just a simple variation of the many egg sandwiches I have made lately.

Pictured here is:
1 English Muffin, toasted
1 perfectly fried egg (in the tiniest pat of butter, salt and peppered)
3 slices of heavenly, garden-fresh tomatoes (dotted with extra virgin olive oil, salt and peppered)
1/2 of an avocado (sliced)
a sprinkling of grated Parmesan cheese

YUM. Oh my, yum. Like many of the foods I make and write about, this is perfect for any meal. It has good fill-you-up ingredients that are good for you and won’t bog you down nor bloat your belly. A perfect summer meal. I’ve made similar sandwiches with sautéed mushrooms, green peppers and white onion in place of the avocado, and Swiss cheese instead of Parmesan.… Continue reading

potato salad with celery leaves, parsley and eggs

Yes that’s a lovely little dollop of potato salad you see there atop a pair of fresh garden salads. It’s a rather small dollop because we went through this potato salad fast! It was my first time ever making this famed picnic side, and I’m more than pleased I finally decided to give it a go.

I received a bag-full of homegrown potatoes from my sister’s father-in-law, Ray, and they had just been lounging about in their big brown bag, ever so patient, ever so eager, waiting to make an appearance in some lunch or some dinner. And so, since we were having a party on the fourth-of-July, I decided it was time to pull them from hiding and make something fine of them.

Mayonnaise is an obvious staple that a good potato salad requires. Mayonnaise also happens to be one of those ingredients that I never have on hand… Continue reading