spicy ground venison


To celebrate May, I have for you a simple, tasty recipe for ground beef, turkey, venison or any other game. I’ve made it with ground venison several times, and over this past winter, it became somewhat of a comfort dish for Graham and me. I usually serve it over black barley or wild rice with a healthy blanket of Sriracha sauce atop. We think it’s the best.

Something about the heat of the sauce coupled with the hearty, healthy venison and the crispy vegetables mixed throughout, pleases the brain and tongue simultaneously, leaving you wanting more and more. A healthy lure, I’d say. And serving it over a not-too-filling bed of rice or barley, tames down the heat just perfectly, yielding the most superb lunch or dinner any time of year (not just hunting season, mind you).


I’ve made large batches before and frozen leftovers in dinner size portions, making… Continue reading

sweet potato shepherd’s pie

This was a fun dish to make. I grew up eating shepherd’s pie. I fondly remember it served from my mother’s deep square-ish CorningWare dish. A layer of deliciously seasoned beef blanketed the bottom of the casserole. Next came a layer of canned green beans seasoned with Mrs. Dash (one of my mums favourite spices). And finally, a soothing layer of creamy, buttered, homemade mashed potatoes.

It was either Sunday afternoon, after we returned home from church with grumbling belly’s (we had a thirty minute drive!), or a not-so-busy week night that she could corral all three kids and her husband around the dinner table. This version is slightly different, but I still give mom the credit. She not only taught me the importance of comfort food and casseroles, and their place in a healthy and balanced diet, but she married a hunter, thus teaching me the importance of being… Continue reading

chicken salad with fennel fronds, raisins & pears

I tried a new recipe this week. Well, okay I tried a few new recipes this week. One was for this chicken salad and another was a chicken dish consisting of little foil packets filled with fennel, carrots, red onion and large chicken breasts. Yes, large chicken breasts. I’m honestly a little grossed out at the largeness of most chicken breasts these days.

I’m sure I’d find some lovely AA size chickens grazing nearby at a local farm, but here at my neighbourhood Wegmans, they’re more like (rather definitely) DD’s. Because of their enormous size, ninety-nine percent of the time I cook with chicken (they say breast is best), I halve them, or butterfly them, to yield more appropriate and human-portioned fillets. Then, and only then, can I tolerate them, cook with them and eat them.

As I was saying, the other night for dinner we ate huge chicken breasts.… Continue reading