baked camembert pasta

When I made this pasta dish the other night, I immediately remembered the last time I made it. Three Christmases ago with good friends over for dinner, before we moved into our home. That’s how good this pasta is. Why then, haven’t I made it for three long years? Two reasons: Camembert can be pricy. This dish as it’s quite delectable (cheese and pasta… perhaps not the best to eat too, too often). And I really don’t repeat many-a-dishes. Okay that was three reasons, but you get my drift.

Not only is this pasta delish, but it’s easy. Heavens, it’s easy. Besides the pasta and the Camembert, there are only four other ingredients: spinach, garlic, rosemary and grated Parmesan. It also only takes about 30 minutes to throw together, including prep time. Including prep time! I can’t tell you how many “30 minute” recipes I’ve attempted that end up taking… Continue reading

acorn squash mushroom lasagna

I’m not your typical lasagna kind of girl. Never have been. Never will be. Especially since Christopher Kimball told me recently that a measly pound of ground beef contains DNA from over 400 different animals. I had to listen to him say so (on his America’s Test Kitchen podcast) about 5 times before it truly sunk in. Four hundred. I told Graham we will grind our own meat henceforward. Heck, it’ll be an adventure.

As I was saying, I like non-typical lasagnas. And I like squash. A lot. Mushrooms, garlic and spinach are also fabulous contenders. And so, given my likes and dislikes, this vegetable layered treat was born. Both Graham and I thought it was a most comforting dish. Not too heavy with the absence of meat, and neither too rich, as there isn’t an overabundance of cheese.

This lasagna does require a bit of time to make. But… Continue reading

moroccan chickpea stew

It’s good to be back. I’ve been away far too long from this lovely little space. With Christmas and traveling and family gatherings, it was hard to find time to slip away to write about food. Especially since I was all too busy eating it. And playing games. There was many-a-game played over the last few days (and still more to come, as we have yet another family gathering kicking off tonight!).

Our family favourites? Ticket to Ride (I prefer Europe) and now that we’ve learned to play it, Settlers of Catan. What a great game. If you’re a game person and haven’t heard of either of these, I suggest you rent them from your local library (wouldn’t that be nice) or hunt them down at a thrift shop (OR pay a hefty price online which would be cheaper than a game store price). Because these games are… Continue reading

rosemary & thyme homefries (crisped in bacon lard)

Hot dang these ‘taters were good. Then again I’m sure dog treats fried in bacon lard would be tasty. Okay, perhaps not… but you get my drift. Red potatoes + fresh herbs from our garden + lard + garlic = love. Or a heart attack. But both have to do with the heart. I prefer the heart overflowing with love not clogged arteries… I digress.

We had us some breakfast for dinner last night and these tiny taters were mounded up on our plate next to eggs, baked beans and warmed applesauce. And a tad of whiskey to wash it all down. Yes, a tad. (Poured over the most precious ice cubes from our new ice cube tray I found for half a buck. The ice cubes look like gumdrops! Beautiful south pole gumdrops.)

All throughout the course of our brinner, Graham and I raved about these fried potatoes. I’m… Continue reading

sautéed shrimp with turmeric & mustard seeds

This shrimp was finger lickin’ good. I feel funny saying that, since we usually say that about the kernels fried chicken, but I found myself doing just that, licking every last finger. This was actually the first time I cooked raw shrimp. I guess you could say I’m a late bloomer. It wasn’t until semi-recently that I could tolerate the texture of shrimp. But, thankfully a good few years ago I got over that hiccup.

And I’m glad I did. Shrimp is affordable, versatile, and fills you up just right (meaning it doesn’t make you snooze like a turkey or tip over like a cow afterward). And, as an added bonus, you’ll even have room for dessert after eating this shrimp. Win-win all around. But, before we get to dessert, lets talk about this main course.

Chili powder and turmeric go wonderfully together as turmeric has a peppery flavour and… Continue reading