sweet potato shepherd’s pie

This was a fun dish to make. I grew up eating shepherd’s pie. I fondly remember it served from my mother’s deep square-ish CorningWare dish. A layer of deliciously seasoned beef blanketed the bottom of the casserole. Next came a layer of canned green beans seasoned with Mrs. Dash (one of my mums favourite spices). And finally, a soothing layer of creamy, buttered, homemade mashed potatoes.

It was either Sunday afternoon, after we returned home from church with grumbling belly’s (we had a thirty minute drive!), or a not-so-busy week night that she could corral all three kids and her husband around the dinner table. This version is slightly different, but I still give mom the credit. She not only taught me the importance of comfort food and casseroles, and their place in a healthy and balanced diet, but she married a hunter, thus teaching me the importance of being… Continue reading

rosemary & thyme homefries (crisped in bacon lard)

Hot dang these ‘taters were good. Then again I’m sure dog treats fried in bacon lard would be tasty. Okay, perhaps not… but you get my drift. Red potatoes + fresh herbs from our garden + lard + garlic = love. Or a heart attack. But both have to do with the heart. I prefer the heart overflowing with love not clogged arteries… I digress.

We had us some breakfast for dinner last night and these tiny taters were mounded up on our plate next to eggs, baked beans and warmed applesauce. And a tad of whiskey to wash it all down. Yes, a tad. (Poured over the most precious ice cubes from our new ice cube tray I found for half a buck. The ice cubes look like gumdrops! Beautiful south pole gumdrops.)

All throughout the course of our brinner, Graham and I raved about these fried potatoes. I’m… Continue reading

roasted spaghetti squash with herbs & parmesan

So say you happen to purposefully pick up a nice big, pale yellow, beautifully strung spaghetti squash at the market. May I recommend this tasty take? All you will need is a heaping 1/2 cup of grated Parmesan, a drizzle of olive oil and a tiny mound of fresh cut herbs. All sorts of herbs would be a fine addition to this squash supper. I chose to mix in basil, chives and parsley. It was absolutely scrumptious. A big bowl is supper in itself, or add a slice of grilled chicken or fish to the plate and you are dining first class.

Roasting squash is one of my favourite fall pastimes. I enjoy the whole process: picking out the perfect sqaush, trying to whack the thing open with my largest chef knife, scooping out its seeds and flesh, and then taking in that lovely smell wafting from the oven a… Continue reading