metropolitan bakery millet muffins

granolalola | millet muffins

When it comes to breakfast foods, these muffins paired with a pot of English breakfast tea, are my husband’s absolute favourite. As for me, a cup of coffee with cream and, ideally, some sort of homemade sweet start me off just right. And then, when my coffee’s long gone, I move on to elevenses (or second breakfasts) which consists of a more substantial and sometimes savoury feast: eggs, oatmeal, toast, yogurt, Belgian waffles… It all depends on the little miss, and just how long she’ll allow me to share my attention with say a frying pan, toaster oven or microwave. Alas, some days cookies and cold coffee are all I get.

But back to the breakfast du jour. We first discovered these muffins at our favourite coffee shop. And ever since Graham first sampled one a few years back, any time we stop in for coffee a) Graham must… Continue reading

cinnamon-swirl banana muffins


If you happen to be craving cinnamon rolls, or perhaps a piping hot slice of banana bread smothered with a good pat of butter, this muffin (equally delicious as a loaf) marries the two most scrumptiously and will certainly hit the spot. The first few times I made this banana-cinnamon-sugar treat, I made loaves, but Sunday I had a crowd to feed so I experimented with muffins. I was taking these beauties to a gathering of musical people who were helping my husband and fellow band-mates record their newest album. I figured muffins would be a welcome guest and much easier to handle than slices of moist and cinnamon-sugary bread. They turned out perfect and were handled, consumed and enjoyed by all in attendance.


Making muffins is a tad more labor-intensive, requiring you to split the batter and the cinnamon sugar topping twice each amongst the dozen muffin tins. Whereas… Continue reading

glorious morning muffins


I had these muffins while we were in Hawaii that I fell in love with. So we returned to the coffee shop I purchased them from several times to purchase and consume them again and again. (I say we, but it was really just me.) Once home, I experienced slight muffin withdrawal. So it was just a day or two after being back in my own kitchen that I decided to whip up my version of these great, glorious muffins.

You see, I had taken notes our last morning on the North Shore, while eating my last, glorious muffin. The four of us (Graham and I and our two friends) all shared a picnic bench, facing the ocean, and with our coffee and pastries in hand, we took in the morning and the beautiful seascape before us. It was grand. But before long, while the others still gazed longingly at… Continue reading

allspice crumb muffins

These muffins… you see, they taste like donuts. To be specific, old-fashioned donuts, rolled around in an array of sweet spice topped with a buttery sugared crumble. The thing is, I only allow myself about four donut purchases a year. Muffins, however, can be made year round, several times a year, or month for that matter. So this is a win-win situation and a wonderful recipe to have on hand when one is craving donuts.

I made these donuts, I mean muffins, a few weeks back when Graham and company were laying our backyard patio. They were paired with coffee from the thermos and gobbled up in a matter of minutes. Sure, some of the guys ate two or three, but that’s okay because they are muffins! But heaven forbid we eat two or three donuts in one sitting. So, onto the recipe that will save you from a Dunkin’… Continue reading