whole wheat breakfast cookies

granolalola | whole wheat breakfast cookies

Goodness! How the time has flown between my posts recently. I have many recipes to share… it’s simply a matter of making the time to share them! Today I offer you my humble breakfast cookie. It’s quite a tasty treat, and not just to be eaten at breakfast (though I find it best during the morning hours after my coffee). This cookie came about while visiting Michigan recently for a cousin’s wedding. Between the ceremony and reception (there was a good two hours), Graham and I and my brother and his family decided to spend a little time in this adorable little coffee bar, called Clique. The barista introduced himself by name and with a handshake and made us the most delectable beverages. It was a great welcome to the Midwest.

Graham and I shared a cappuccino and one of their “Ultimate Breakfast Cookies.” I liked the cookie a lot.… Continue reading

pear crisp


Now those are some purty pears. When I saw them at the market, in a 3lb bag for only $1.97, there was no question as to whether or not they were coming home with me. I’ve adapted a new way of grocery shopping. Instead of making up my list (checking it twice) and shopping from the list, I now go to the market and fill my trolly (as the Aussies say) with all the produce on sale that week. So that did mean that last week’s planned chicken pot pies (Mr. Bates’s Mushroom and Chicken Pie from this book to be exact) became mushroom and barley stuffed peppers, and apple crisps became pear crisps. But heck, I’m saving money and playing The Price Is Right in the process.


Speaking of games in the grocery store, once Graham and I actually witnessed a real, live Supermarket Sweep. It was while… Continue reading

flourless chocolate banana oat bars

I am practicing major self control and saving the last of these bars for Graham in the fridge. I made this sweet treat for a small gathering I attended last night (a few ladies gathered in a cozy mansion getting free facials and such; no biggie).  Anyway, it was requested that I bring cowboy cookies, but since I just made those, I figured I would make something different. I have a hard time making the same dish twice over the course of a week or two. I like to keep things spicy if you know what I mean. It’s all about v-a-r-i-e-t-y.

So I leafed through my little binder of recipes and decided to make these. They are super moist, very oat-y, full of chocolate chunks, ground up almonds, and oh yes, coconut. Oh how I love coconut. There is no flour, no butter, no eggs, nor any sugar… Continue reading

vegan cowboy cookies

I made these cookies a good week or two ago and am just now getting around to posting the recipe. I have been semi-sans without a computer for the last few weeks, so my many posts will just have to wait. But today, I bring to you my almost vegan cowboy cookies. If I had used vegan chocolate chips they’d be fully vegan, but I wasn’t so much concerned with making a totally vegan cookie. Rather, I was out of butter and needed to make a dessert, so I landed here in cowboy cookie land.

I’ve made these cookies a few times before. They are lovely little gems. I think I ended up consuming more of these in the breakfast hour (elevenses; happy hobbit day!) than after any given meal. To me, they are reminiscent of a breakfast bar (or breakfast round in this case) with a bit of chocolate.… Continue reading

oat waffles

I considered myself a pancake person for the longest time. Pancakes, especially of the cornmeal variety, were my specialty. Me and the griddle, best buds. But my mother-in-law made waffles when I was visiting over Christmas, and it was then that I recalled just how much I enjoyed a good, homemade, fresh off the iron, waffle, smothered in butter and doused with maple syrup. Salivating yet?

You see, I’m no foreigner to waffles. Growing up, my parents made and served them countless Saturday mornings and numerous weeknights for dinner. They were usually blueberry and made in a lovely antique iron. I have very fond memories of my father smothering his with peanut butter and thick glugs of syrup. I think it near sickened my mother (his smothered and gluggered waffles), but I can see the appeal. And, he was getting in some good protein in addition to his carbs. At… Continue reading

banana blueberry baked oatmeal

I woke up rather hungry yesterday morning. We (Graham, Tobias, everybody) were at the beach all week and splurged on foods like boardwalk pizza, homemade hand-dipped ice cream, homemade donuts, kettle corn, hand crafted beers, red wine saved from Valentine’s two years ago, Manchego cheese, strawberries, almonds, fudge from my namesake shop, oh and lobster. Graham ate a whole lobster, and it was determined during that particular dinner that I do not like lobster. Not one bit. Not the texture, not the smell of it, not even the mini pool of melted butter that accompanies it. I know, call me crazy.

I enjoy all other creatures from the sea… even mussels(!), the seafood I choked on at the ripe old age of thirteen. But I’ve reaffirmed that lobster is one I can do without. I had only tasted it one other time- in an airplane cabin (first class, mind you,… Continue reading

morning oats

Okay, so it’s afternoon now. But I had these oats this morning and pretty much have these oats every morning. I was on a steel-cut oats kick for the longest time- with candied ginger and a splash of half and half (or heavy cream if you don’t mind the extra calories). I’ve experimented quite a bit with steel-cut oats. I’ve tried a spiced chai version (with all the spices you’d find in chai tea), apples and cinnamon, plain with raisins, baked in a casserole, soaked overnight, the aforementioned ginger delight and I’m sure a handful more… but I’ve moved onto old-fashioned for now. I suppose I am an old-fashioned kind of gal. And this post is about old-fashioned oats, so lets talk about those oats from yesteryear.

For the longest time, I made my old-fashioned oats on the stove-top. I still do, but lately I’ve been on a microwave kick.… Continue reading