cranberry pumpkin millet muffins

granolalola | pumpkin cranberry muffins

This is for all my mama friends (okay, maybe just the two of you), who asked for this recipe. I first made these muffins for a dear friend as “payment” for a luxurious body pillow and other odd gifts she bestowed upon me. Not sure if you are in the know, but pillows are expensive… Let alone one that is crafted to hug your entire body! She asked for something sweet, a small treat per se, for her husband, and these are the gems I whipped up.

It was just before Thanksgiving when I experimented with the recipe, so indeed, pumpkin (and cranberries too!) were quite fitting. I was utterly delighted with their baked goodness. The pumpkin flavor is rich, and the fresh cranberries paired with orange zest are quite the party in your mouth. The crunch of millet and specks of fresh ground cloves throughout are nothing but the… Continue reading

pumpkin cranberry scones

pumpkin cranberry scones

I don’t have much to say about these scones except that I ate six of them in the past two days. Whoops. Sorry husband and child. I barely shared. Now, this confession alone should surely convince you that you ought to be feasting on them for your next meal, but if it doesn’t, perhaps the maple cinnamon butter they pair with will. That’s right. Not only am I sharing a recipe filled with butter and sugar, but two recipes full of nothing but butter and sugar! Maybe that will get you off your rocker and into the kitchen.

Don’t get me wrong. The hearty taste of pumpkin still rings thru beautifully. And to be fair, there is only 1/2 cup of sugar for the entire batch of scones, so the calorie count could be higher. But indeed, these scones are a true treat: studded with tangy cranberries and swirled with… Continue reading

baked pumpkin spice donuts

The stars aligned for me this past week and my desire to make donuts finally came to fruition. You see, we have this little thing called a grocery budget. And typically, everything I place in my grocery cart has a destiny, a meal it will soon be a part of. There ain’t no room for fluff (or Fluff® for that matter) or any other item that isn’t on one of my little recipe cards back home. But it was Thanksgiving week and I wanted to make something pumpkin, darn it. (Sorry to get worked up.) So I veered from the list and threw in a can of Libby anyway. Wait, that sounds bad. Especially since I just started watching The Walking Dead… Let me rephrase. I threw in a can of pumpkin and knew I’d find good use for it at some point during the week. Every day… Continue reading

iced pumpkin applesauce cookies

These cookies make me so happy. My mother made them for my brother, sister and me every Thanksgiving and it was something we always we looked forward to. Like Christmas, they came but once a year, and they were oh so fancy with their beautifully iced tops. One after dinner, or perhaps a time of play, was all that was needed to cause the world to pause. Yes, that sounds dramatic, but I revere these cookies that much.

I hadn’t made these cookies in a very long while, and this time I decided to switch up a few of the ingredients (my usual: swap out half the all purpose flour for whole wheat, halve the sugar, replace some of the butter with applesauce and throw in a few of my favourite spices for good measure). You may ask why ever would I tamper with such a perfect recipe, and one… Continue reading

butternut squash & root vegetable soup

Let’s forget the fact that I thought I was picking up a spaghetti squash at the farmers market last weekend. The thing is, I know my squashes. Acorn, butternut, spaghetti, summer… but somehow I managed to buy one and bring it home, thinking all the while that soon I would be scooping out its pale yellow roasted strands, slathering it in homemade red sauce with caramelized onions and mushrooms, enjoying my non traditional autumn pasta dish. Well, not so much. Not even close. There would be no mushrooms, no red sauce and surely no spaghetti. I’m blaming the incident on the fact that I only had one cup of coffee that morning. It was early. I was foggy brained. Tomato, tomahto. Spaghetti, butternut. Definitely doesn’t have the same ring.

So after staring at that big yellow oval of a squash perched on my kitchen counter for a day or two… Continue reading

pumpkin streusel bread

This was a mighty large loaf of pumpkin bread. And we successfully finished it off in four days. Not terrible. We’ve done worse. It was really, really good. I decided I wanted something pumpkin on Sunday night and thought I’d whip something up quick. Well, it did take a bit more time than I anticipated (the stand mixer was used thus categorizing it as a somewhat-involved recipe) and the kitchen looked like a tornado had swept through when I was finished, but it was all worth it. This bread was really, really good.

The loaf was the perfect density, not oily or buttery at all and perfectly semi-sweet. The streusel topping was scrumptiously filled with oats and slivered almonds and toasted up beautifully in the oven. I reduced the sugar originally called for by over 1 cup(!), if you can fathom that, and as I mentioned, it was still plenty… Continue reading