sweet potato

spicy ground venison


To celebrate May, I have for you a simple, tasty recipe for ground beef, turkey, venison or any other game. I’ve made it with ground venison several times, and over this past winter, it became somewhat of a comfort dish for Graham and me. I usually serve it over black barley or wild rice with a healthy blanket of Sriracha sauce atop. We think it’s the best.

Something about the heat of the sauce coupled with the hearty, healthy venison and the crispy vegetables mixed throughout, pleases the brain and tongue simultaneously, leaving you wanting more and more. A healthy lure, I’d say. And serving it over a not-too-filling bed of rice or barley, tames down the heat just perfectly, yielding the most superb lunch or dinner any time of year (not just hunting season, mind you).


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southern style sweet potato casserole

My mom makes the most heavenly sweet potato casserole. The problem is that she only makes this casserole once a year. Once. Now perhaps it wouldn’t be so special (in my heart and stomach) if she made it all the time, but I’m so fond of this casserole that I’m pretty sure if she made it regularly, I’d still be over the moon about it.

I didn’t have her recipe on hand so my casserole is slightly different, but turned out just as delicious. It most certainly doesn’t have nearly as much butter or sugar, but I still think it’s just as good. And, on the upside, I can eat many more servings and not feel as if I’m really helping myself to spoonfuls and spoonfuls of dessert. Because let’s be honest, most sweet potato casseroles are dessert. Who are we kidding?

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butternut squash & root vegetable soup

Let’s forget the fact that I thought I was picking up a spaghetti squash at the farmers market last weekend. The thing is, I know my squashes. Acorn, butternut, spaghetti, summer… but somehow I managed to buy one and bring it home, thinking all the while that soon I would be scooping out its pale yellow roasted strands, slathering it in homemade red sauce with caramelized onions and mushrooms, enjoying my non traditional autumn pasta dish. Well, not so much. Not even close. There would be no mushrooms, no red sauce and surely no spaghetti. I’m blaming the incident on the fact that I only had one cup of coffee that morning. It was early. I was foggy brained. Tomato, tomahto. Spaghetti, butternut. Definitely doesn’t have the same ring.

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