peanut butter blossoms

granolalola | peanut butter blossoms

So I’m totally back on coffee and cookies. It’s time to admit: I’m a softy for sugar (sounds so much better than sugar addict, doesn’t it?). I made my very first batch ever of peanut butter blossoms on New Years Eve. A few days prior, I was telling Graham that they, along with snowballs, are my favourite Christmastime cookies. But the crazy thing is, I’d never made either before. Maybe it’s because I don’t have a pantry stocked with kisses or somehow I thought snowballs were hard to make (hardly), but whatever the reason, it was time to make this wrong right.

Big mistake. Why? Well, they turned out amazing (of course, for anytime you start out creaming butter and sugar, you simply can’t go wrong), they’re practically bite size (bite size = eat by the handful) and really, is there anything better than the combination of chocolate and peanut… Continue reading

very vanilla biscotti

granolalola | very vanilla biscotti

A few mornings ago I finished off the last of our Christmas cookies. (Technically they were New Years cookies, since I didn’t get around to any baking before Christmas.) And after nibbling up every last speck of powdered sugar, I had a thought… Perhaps it was time to cut it out with all the cookie eating. Don’t get me wrong, I love cookies, sweets, sugar, all of it, but I thought perhaps I was developing a bad habit with the whole “must-have-cookies-and-coffee” (said in a Miss Piggy voice; at least that’s how it played out in my head) thing.

It surely started out innocent enough with coffee and say, a muffin. And muffins are only mildly sweet and certainly passable as a breakfast food, at least in ‘merica. But then something happened. I had this thing, called a baby, and developed this very hearty appetite. You see, I never used… Continue reading


granolalola | madeleines

Happy Valentines Day all you lovers. I had to send my love off to work this morning, but at least the little mister, Tobias, is here to spend the day with me. First we shared breakfast. Me at the table, and him beneath, hoping for even just one crumb to fall. Next I made my to-do list. And instead of my usual sketched three-dimensional “check-off” boxes, I drew tiny hearts. I know. Charming. What can I say, I’m feeling romantic…

The plumber is coming by this afternoon to fix our ghetto tub. The faucet is not connected to anything and if you ever try to fill the tub with water, the metal thing shoots off and bits of rust and dirt go flying. Not only hazardous but ugly, to say the least. So do we ever bathe? Rarely. And when we do, we shower. And if the mood strikes for… Continue reading

banoffee pie


Well, good morning. I’ve been away again for too long. I have recipes out the wazoo and it’s time to finally share one with you. I received a wonderful cookbook from my in-laws that had a pie recipe I’d been wanting to try for a few months. With my parents coming for dinner, I decided to give the pie a whirl. Full disclosure: I’m more reminiscent of a toddler playing with Play-doh than a womanly baker when it comes to making and rolling out pie crusts. That’s just how it is. Indeed pie-making is an art I’m far, so very far, from mastering.

My mother, on the other hand, makes the most delectable pie crusts. Flaky and buttery, tender and mild. Okay, I’ve gone a bit too far, but if you saw the crust I made for this pie you’d outright giggle! Lets just say I overworked the dough. So… Continue reading