moroccan chickpea stew

It’s good to be back. I’ve been away far too long from this lovely little space. With Christmas and traveling and family gatherings, it was hard to find time to slip away to write about food. Especially since I was all too busy eating it. And playing games. There was many-a-game played over the last few days (and still more to come, as we have yet another family gathering kicking off tonight!).

Our family favourites? Ticket to Ride (I prefer Europe) and now that we’ve learned to play it, Settlers of Catan. What a great game. If you’re a game person and haven’t heard of either of these, I suggest you rent them from your local library (wouldn’t that be nice) or hunt them down at a thrift shop (OR pay a hefty price online which would be cheaper than a game store price). Because these games are… Continue reading

fried green tomatoes

Last night’s supper was super yummy and easy to throw together. I fried up some lovely green tomatoes and warmed some of my homemade applesauce on the stovetop to go with. The tomatoes were tart, crunchy and packed with summer goodness. I’ve fried green tomatoes before, but this time I changed things up a bit and added buttermilk to the egg dip. The tartness of the buttermilk added a nice zing to each bite, and the cornmeal-chive coating was the perfect blanket to keep the tomatoes warm and cozy.

So if you come across some deliciously under-ripe tomatoes when next at the market, pick up a quart or two and dine in Southern style. Fry, fry away and pair your dinner with some sweet tea, whiskey or freshly squeezed lemonade… whatever strikes your fancy. And if you get a bit zealous with your frying, leftovers crisp up wonderfully in the… Continue reading

tamale pies

Mmmmm tamale pies. Ever had one? Ever made one? I hadn’t either until this week. I was browsing through a magazine and saw a picture of one and thought perhaps these pies would be a nice little addition to my weeknight supper repertoire. And after making them I’m happy to share that I’ll be making them again!

What’s not to love about a cornbread topped casserole, blanketing a layer of sautéed ground beef, onions, garlic and peppers beneath? Oh, and we mustn’t forget the cheddar on top and the zing of fresh herbs mingled throughout. I definitely see myself feasting on these little pies through the upcoming fall and winter. (Is it just me or do I sound like a squirrel speaking of her pending hibernation?)

This was a quick-to-throw-together meal with minimal effort required. Then again, I suppose raising the cow to provide the beef would be a lot… Continue reading