baked camembert pasta

When I made this pasta dish the other night, I immediately remembered the last time I made it. Three Christmases ago with good friends over for dinner, before we moved into our home. That’s how good this pasta is. Why then, haven’t I made it for three long years? Two reasons: Camembert can be pricy. This dish as it’s quite delectable (cheese and pasta… perhaps not the best to eat too, too often). And I really don’t repeat many-a-dishes. Okay that was three reasons, but you get my drift.

Not only is this pasta delish, but it’s easy. Heavens, it’s easy. Besides the pasta and the Camembert, there are only four other ingredients: spinach, garlic, rosemary and grated Parmesan. It also only takes about 30 minutes to throw together, including prep time. Including prep time! I can’t tell you how many “30 minute” recipes I’ve attempted that end up taking… Continue reading

chickpea patties

I promise you that I have not been neglecting the kitchen. If anything, this past month has been my most fruitful month in the kitchen for as long as I can recall. I have baked dozens of muffins, a handful of quick breads, a dozen Belgian waffles (well, Graham made those) and pancakes out the wazoo. I even made a bundt cake with fresh peaches from the nearby orchard. I’ve baked mini-loaves, mini-muffins, regular muffins and even mid-sized muffins (a lovely in-between size of the mini and regular muffin). I’ve been on a mission.

The mission? To fill our freezer with as much good, homemade food as possible before baby O’s birthday. Good food always makes for good moods, and filling our bellies with little effort (aside from a short walk to the freezer) will be a wonderful thing.
I made a very high and lofty goal about three weeks… Continue reading

crustless cheese & kale (or spinach) quiche


If you’re anything like me, you at least always have a dozen eggs on hand. And usually a block of cheese. Fresh kale is a maybe as is a bag (or box) of frozen spinach. This is an easy dinner to throw together with oodles of protein, delicious melted cheese and handfuls of hearty greens.

I’ve made this dish a few times, each time a bit different. Different greens, different cheeses, even different sized pie plates and each time the quiche tasted sublime. How can you go wrong combining eggs, cheese & yummy greens? You simply can’t. Unless you forget to crack your eggs or something silly like that.

granolalola | crustless spinach & cheese quiche

This recipe is forgiving and versatile. If I had cooked and crumbled bacon, I’d add it in a heartbeat. If I had some red peppers, I’d dice them and saute them with the onions. Your options are endless, but you can’t… Continue reading

acorn squash mushroom lasagna

I’m not your typical lasagna kind of girl. Never have been. Never will be. Especially since Christopher Kimball told me recently that a measly pound of ground beef contains DNA from over 400 different animals. I had to listen to him say so (on his America’s Test Kitchen podcast) about 5 times before it truly sunk in. Four hundred. I told Graham we will grind our own meat henceforward. Heck, it’ll be an adventure.

As I was saying, I like non-typical lasagnas. And I like squash. A lot. Mushrooms, garlic and spinach are also fabulous contenders. And so, given my likes and dislikes, this vegetable layered treat was born. Both Graham and I thought it was a most comforting dish. Not too heavy with the absence of meat, and neither too rich, as there isn’t an overabundance of cheese.

This lasagna does require a bit of time to make. But… Continue reading

moroccan chickpea stew

It’s good to be back. I’ve been away far too long from this lovely little space. With Christmas and traveling and family gatherings, it was hard to find time to slip away to write about food. Especially since I was all too busy eating it. And playing games. There was many-a-game played over the last few days (and still more to come, as we have yet another family gathering kicking off tonight!).

Our family favourites? Ticket to Ride (I prefer Europe) and now that we’ve learned to play it, Settlers of Catan. What a great game. If you’re a game person and haven’t heard of either of these, I suggest you rent them from your local library (wouldn’t that be nice) or hunt them down at a thrift shop (OR pay a hefty price online which would be cheaper than a game store price). Because these games are… Continue reading

southern style sweet potato casserole

My mom makes the most heavenly sweet potato casserole. The problem is that she only makes this casserole once a year. Once. Now perhaps it wouldn’t be so special (in my heart and stomach) if she made it all the time, but I’m so fond of this casserole that I’m pretty sure if she made it regularly, I’d still be over the moon about it.

I didn’t have her recipe on hand so my casserole is slightly different, but turned out just as delicious. It most certainly doesn’t have nearly as much butter or sugar, but I still think it’s just as good. And, on the upside, I can eat many more servings and not feel as if I’m really helping myself to spoonfuls and spoonfuls of dessert. Because let’s be honest, most sweet potato casseroles are dessert. Who are we kidding?

This version is a tad sweet. The sweet… Continue reading

fried green tomatoes

Last night’s supper was super yummy and easy to throw together. I fried up some lovely green tomatoes and warmed some of my homemade applesauce on the stovetop to go with. The tomatoes were tart, crunchy and packed with summer goodness. I’ve fried green tomatoes before, but this time I changed things up a bit and added buttermilk to the egg dip. The tartness of the buttermilk added a nice zing to each bite, and the cornmeal-chive coating was the perfect blanket to keep the tomatoes warm and cozy.

So if you come across some deliciously under-ripe tomatoes when next at the market, pick up a quart or two and dine in Southern style. Fry, fry away and pair your dinner with some sweet tea, whiskey or freshly squeezed lemonade… whatever strikes your fancy. And if you get a bit zealous with your frying, leftovers crisp up wonderfully in the… Continue reading