chickpea patties

I promise you that I have not been neglecting the kitchen. If anything, this past month has been my most fruitful month in the kitchen for as long as I can recall. I have baked dozens of muffins, a handful of quick breads, a dozen Belgian waffles (well, Graham made those) and pancakes out the wazoo. I even made a bundt cake with fresh peaches from the nearby orchard. I’ve baked mini-loaves, mini-muffins, regular muffins and even mid-sized muffins (a lovely in-between size of the mini and regular muffin). I’ve been on a mission.

The mission? To fill our freezer with as much good, homemade food as possible before baby O’s birthday. Good food always makes for good moods, and filling our bellies with little effort (aside from a short walk to the freezer) will be a wonderful thing.
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pear crisp


Now those are some purty pears. When I saw them at the market, in a 3lb bag for only $1.97, there was no question as to whether or not they were coming home with me. I’ve adapted a new way of grocery shopping. Instead of making up my list (checking it twice) and shopping from the list, I now go to the market and fill my trolly (as the Aussies say) with all the produce on sale that week. So that did mean that last week’s planned chicken pot pies (Mr. Bates’s Mushroom and Chicken Pie from this book to be exact) became mushroom and barley stuffed peppers, and apple crisps became pear crisps. But heck, I’m saving money and playing The Price Is Right in the process.


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chicken salad with fennel fronds, raisins & pears

I tried a new recipe this week. Well, okay I tried a few new recipes this week. One was for this chicken salad and another was a chicken dish consisting of little foil packets filled with fennel, carrots, red onion and large chicken breasts. Yes, large chicken breasts. I’m honestly a little grossed out at the largeness of most chicken breasts these days.

I’m sure I’d find some lovely AA size chickens grazing nearby at a local farm, but here at my neighbourhood Wegmans, they’re more like (rather definitely) DD’s. Because of their enormous size, ninety-nine percent of the time I cook with chicken (they say breast is best), I halve them, or butterfly them, to yield more appropriate and human-portioned fillets. Then, and only then, can I tolerate them, cook with them and eat them.

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